The Amazing Life Class is an Adult Bible Class of the Grandview Baptist Church. We are made up of different ages ranging from 20 to 60.  It is our belief that the Elder Generation has much to offer the Younger. This cannot be done by separation and seclusion of the age groups.

We have experienced recent growth in our membership and attendance here at Grandview and we hope that it will also result in an increase in class attendance.  We gain strength through our relationships together as we build each other up in the Word and you are missed when you are gone.  Please join us this Sunday Morning in the Gym at 9:30am.
We are called to be sanctified, or set apart from the world or secular beliefs and lifestyles, yet, still remain adaptable to  be able to minister to those outside the Church.  Our lifestyle must be holy yet not isolate us from being able to witness to the lost.  We seek to learn how to balance our lives to honor Christ.

We hope to learn and glean truths from Scripture that will assist us in the decisions we must make. We also want to focus on the Doctrines found in God’s Word on which we base our beliefs, actions and responses to the world around us. The class may not always be the  formal class setting you have been accustomed to but rather a relaxed, conversational discussion of God’s Word and the issues of life that we are confronted with. We hope to use all of the facilities, equipment and opportunities afforded to us.
*Video instruction
*Multi-media presentations
*Topical Studies
*Relevant Learning Opportunities
Come as you are… Leave Better.
Come and enjoy refreshments for both your Body, Soul and Spirit.  Come expecting a     blessing and you won’t be disappointed.

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