Eternal Creator, Light-Bearing Savior, Grace-Giving Son • The Advent of the Light-Bearing Savior

christmas-nativity-3760197_1920  December 23, 2018

Reading: John 1:6-13

Main Point

We can be witnesses to the light-bearing Savior who has come into the world.


As your group time begins, use this section to introduce the topic of discussion.

What television show or movie that contains a courtroom drama have you enjoyed watching?


Have you ever appeared in a courtroom and provided testimony?

What is the role of a witness?

As John continued writing his gospel, he focused attention on a person who had a reputation for telling the truth, the job of any good witness. John wrote about John the Baptist and his special ministry. John the Baptist was a cousin of Jesus and recognized Jesus as the Messiah. John the Baptist had a following in first-century Israel, but he quickly recognized the fact that his job was to point to the One who was the true light-bearer.

See You Sunday!


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