Eternal Creator, Light-Bearing Savior, Grace-Giving Son • The Advent of the Grace-Giving Son

christmas-nativity-3760197_1920  December 9, 2018


John 1:14-18

Main Point

Jesus came into the world to bring us both grace and truth.


What does it mean to be a person of grace? Who in your life has a lot of grace? How does that play out in day-to-day life?

How does someone who is “full of grace and truth” treat others?

As John continued writing his gospel, he turned his attention to the grace and truth that were part of Jesus’ life and ministry. Perhaps you have a friend who is someone you’d describe as being “full of grace.” Maybe that person is a close relative. People like that are wonderful to know. They tend to be kind, selfless, caring, and others-focused. They have integrity and are intensely honest. This is the kind of person described by the phrase, “What you see is what you get.” John described Jesus as coming from the Father “full of grace and truth” (v. 14). What a wonderful combination of qualities! As we continue to think about the advent of Jesus Christ, it is appropriate to think about His lifestyle and His message. He was a person full of both grace and truth.


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