Eternal Creator, Light-Bearing Savior, Grace-Giving Son • The Advent of the Eternal Creator

christmas-nativity-3760197_1920  December 2, 2018

Scripture Reading

John 1:1-5

Main Point

John announced the arrival of Jesus, who was present at creation and is an eternal, coequal member of the godhead.


What is your full name?

Do you have any nicknames?

Do you know the story behind your name?

Why did your parents choose to name you what they did?

As John began writing his gospel, the Holy Spirit inspired him to avoid opening his book with the name “Jesus.” Instead, John was led to use a different name for Jesus: the Word.

Names are important, and John tied this name for Jesus—the Word—to the story of creation It is extremely significant that the Gospel of John opens with “in the beginning” because it echoes the first words of Genesis 1. None of John’s Jewish readers could have read the early verses of his gospel without thinking about the creation story in Genesis 1. While other gospel writers were led by the Spirit to describe the circumstances of

Jesus’ birth, John was led in a different direction. He went back to the very beginning of the Bible to demonstrate that Jesus was with God in the beginning, existed as a coequal member of the godhead before time began, and was one of the members of the trinity who created the heavens and the earth.


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