The Life of David • Promised by God

lightstock_413934_download_vector_raster_randy_  October 21, 2018

Reading • 2 Samuel 7:8-29

Main Point

God’s past faithfulness enabled David to trust Him with their new covenant.


As your group time begins, use this section to introduce the topic of discussion.

What promise have you received from a parent and then begged for it until it was delivered?

What promise did you once make that you regretted having made later? Why did you regret having made that promise?

What promise has God made to you that you are clinging to desperately? Why is this promise so important to you?

God has a penchant for agreements between Himself and others. An agreement between God and someone else is called a “covenant.” A covenant is an unending, rock solid, agreement, an agreement with no end that affects the covenant receiver’s life and destiny. When a contract between a man and God is made, God determines every aspect of that agreement. Because God is perfectly consistent in all His ways, the receiver of the covenant can rest assured that God will keep His part of the bargain.

God Bless, See you Sunday!


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