The Life of David • Anointed by God

lightstock_413934_download_vector_raster_randy_   October 14, 2018


2 Samuel 1:1-12

Main Point

God fully prepared David for service as King of Israel.


As your group time begins, use this section to introduce the topic of discussion.

Which of the following best describes what you were thinking the night you graduated from high school: 1. I’ve got to get busy preparing for my future; 2. Let’s party; 3. I cannot wait to get to college so I can learn more; 4. I’m not ready to face the world?

Who has encouraged you more than anyone else to step outside your comfort zone and do things you thought were impossible?

If you had the abilities and the resources to accomplish anything for God’s kingdom, what would it be?

David’s kingship was unparalleled. Some have called him the greatest leader the world has ever known. During his reign as king over Israel, David expanded the boundaries of Israel from 6,000 to 60,000 square miles and established trade routes that stretched throughout the known world. These trade routes brought wealth to Israel like she had never known before. Possibly more impressive, David unified the nation under Jehovah God, creating a national longing for the Lord

David was a leader set aside by God and anointed by his people for the purposes God had established for him. Yet before he became king, David was on the run. For thirteen years, between the ages of 17 and 30, David stayed one step ahead of his predecessor King Saul, who was desperately trying to kill him.

We look forward to Sunday,. Have a blessed week and keep Rachel in your prayers as her delivery time approaches.


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